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Coligny Creek [Abbotsford]

Committed to ethical farming practices, all of their eggs are free-range, and their outdoor-roaming hens are fed a premium vegetarian diet with no animal by-products. Their happy hens lay exceptional eggs...that we are proud to make into exceptional pies! Find out more about Coligny Creek by visiting their website at

Johnston’s [Chilliwack]

A commitment to safety and quality is the cornerstone of Johnston’s success. They have a high standard of care for all animals raised by their BC producers and an excellent training program so their employees can feel confident and safe at their jobs. In addition, Johnston’s has been a BC company since 1928. They are focused on remaining local and providing their products only to BC markets. Find out more about Johnston’s by visiting their website at

Black Table Farm [Langley]

Small-scale farming in Langley, BC. No-spray, non-GMO, growers of all sorts of different veggies. They run a popular, local CSA program but they always set aside some of their delicious rhubarb for us to use in our pies! Find out more about Black Table Farm by visiting their website at

Birchwood Dairy Farm [Abbotsford]

A combination dairy farm, processing plant, country store, and ice cream parlor. Their onsite processing plant is where they produce all of their fresh dairy products daily including ice cream, yogurt, and different cheeses (even Classic Homemade Eggnog during the holiday season). Find out more about Birchwood Dairy Farm by visiting their website at

Hoochy Booch [Vancouver]

Brewing and bottling in the heart of Vancouver, the owners of Hoochy Booch firmly believe in the restorative power of ‚Äúthe ‚Äėbooch,‚ÄĚ and they work to share these benefits far and wide through an array of delicious Blue Valentine, Hibiscus Ginger, and Lady Grey. Find out more about Hoochy Booch by visiting their website at