Meet Jenell,
Jenell loves pie.

Jenell Parsons is the owner of The Pie Hole. She spends countless hours in the kitchen baking, creating new recipes and delivering pie to Vancouver.


She started the Pie Hole with her sister.

Carla Parsons is the inspirational force and pie tester behind the scenes. As sisters and best friends we know how to work together and support each other. Carla traveled and lived briefly in New Zealand and she is the one who wanted to bring a boutique style pie shop to Vancouver and the one who insists that bigger is always better hence her perfectly plump pies! 


And Now You Can Bring the Pie Hole Home

Shop for a seasonal or favourite pie from our collections and we’ll deliver it right to your door. You can also explore some of Jenell’s great pies of the past (and hint, maybe future)