Custom Pie

Whether you need a pie for a movie set or a special occasion or just have a great idea, The Pie Hole can make that happen.  Please send details to custompie@thepiehole.com to let us know what you are looking for.  

Some of the details to include are as follows:

  • Will you be supplying your own baking tin or plate?
  • Are there any special decorating requests for this order?  For example, do you want a lattice top?  Some 'dough' flowers on top?  Geometric Shapes?
  • Is this pie for eating?  Throwing in someone's face (as in it has to break apart easily)?  Cutting on a movie set?  You'd be surprised at what we have been asked to make in the past, so these questions are all very relevant.
  • Do you have a picture of what you want, or something similar?

We are happy to accommodate any needs as long as we have sufficient notice.  Make sure to reach out to us as early as possible so that we can discuss.